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Matilde Calamai: Re-envisioning the World through Color and Form

Italian artist Matilde Calamai creates abstract visions as compelling as they are mysterious. Combining an abstract and figurative approach, Calamai takes familiar shapes and forms and transforms them into liminal spaces that push the boundaries of all we know, opening up new vistas of perception. Intertwined throughout is a strong emphasis on emotive exploration, achieved through layers of bold decisive colors and textures that are infused on the canvas in unexpected ways. Much of Calamai’s work has been inspired by her travels through the African continent, and this influence can be seen in the colors and materials that dominate her art. Even though there are figurative elements, her art transcends the traditional, as she creates a free and experimental style of expression that allows her to go deeper within. As Calamai explains, “It is for me an experimental journey, which keeps me searching for strong emotions to mutate into a colored atmosphere.”


In addition to her artistic pursuits, Matilde Calamai is also a poetess, author, lyricist, journalist, and television host. She currently lives and works in Italy.